Chip NanoImaging fluoresence microscope system. Turnkey microscope for both chip-based TIRF (2D) and EPI-based 3D deconvolution microscopy. A workhorse imaging platform for large-field-of-view microscopy. For diffraction limited and super-resolution applications.

ACP ZERO enables several imaging modalities and techniques  – all in the same system.

  1. Diffraction-limited TIRF
  2. Super-resolution TIRF (single-molecule localization microscopy)
  3. EPI illumination
  4. Deconvolution algorithms for contrast improvement (both TIRF and  EPI)

Chips for Large FOV TIRF Microscopy

The photonic chip is the key element for large FOV TIRF microscopy. It both holds and illuminates the specimen, and is treated the same way as glass for sample preparation. We offer different chips for different large FOV TIRF microscopy applications.  Get in touch and we will help select the correct ones for your applications.

Chip Carriers and Incubation Chambers

Our chip carriers simplify handling of the chips and allow standardized methods for sample preparation and imaging. Use our easy-to-use incubation chambers for growing samples and staining. Reduces reagent consumption.

Seed cells, incubate samples, fix, stain, and image all-in-one.

  • Allows for air flow for cell growth
  • Reduced risk of contamination
  • Transfect, stain, or immunolabel your sample directly in the chamber
  • Protects your sample from light damage

Software Suite

We know that it can be confusing to handle massive datasets. Our dedicated software package enables GPU accelarated reconstrucion software for fast reconstruction of large FOV super-resolution SMLM data. Our full software suite also includes general image processing functions for image analysis, editing and processing.