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April 2024

Chip NanoImaging AS was present at the BNMI 2024, 3rd Bridging Nordic Microscopy Infrastructure Symposium in Geilo, Norway – April 9-12, 2024. Chip NanoImaging is represented by Merete Storflor and Jon Kristian Hagene.

Picture showing our booth during one of the workshops conducted by application specialist Merete Storflor.

Special thanks to the organizing committee and in particular Oddmund Bakke, Frode Miltzow Skjeldal and Linda Hofstad Haugen.

March 2024

Chip NanoImaging AS Management Team Expanded.
As of March 4th 2024 the chipnano management team has been expanded to include one new member, Jan Alfheim. He takes over as CEO. A shift has taken place in the management team where Jon Kristian Hagene will be the CTO, Øystein Ivar Helle will have the role as CSO while Balpreet Singh Ahluwalia continues in the team as scientific adviser in addition to be chairman of the board of directors.