Chip-Based TIRF

Ultra large field-of-view

What is Chip-Based TIRF?

We have removed the glass slide from the microscope and replaced it with a photonic chip. Grow and label your sample on the surface of the chip. The excitation light reaches the sample in a precisely controlled manner via integrated lightguiding “highways” on the chip surface. These waveguides deliver the excitation light directly to the sample without going via an objective lens. No lenses means no light falloff towards the periphery of the field-of-view = a completely uniform illumination over extraordinarily large fields of view.


Multimode Waveguide Technology Ensures Artifact-Free Images

By using our multimode waveguide technology, we can ensure a uniform illumination over the entire field-of-view. In ACP ZERO, the sample is illuminated from thousands of different angles within each exposure of the camera. This ensures that our images are free from shadow artifacts.