3D imaging

Deconvolution Microscopy

ACP ZERO offers EPI-luminescence in addition to TIRF.  Different slices in the sample are then imaged by adjusting the microscope focal plane. ACP ZERO can automatically acquire a 3D stack of images, thus revealing cellular structures and complexes that are not visible in a single 2D image. A 3D deconvolution algorithm is then used to remove out-of-focus light and image blur, leaving a clearer image with sharper features. ACP ZERO includes a software suite which uses an accelerated deconvolution algorithm. 3D deconvolution is therefore easily integrated into the workflow to assess the acquired images.

3D projection of cells with stained actin (blue) and nucleus (orange). The raw data is shown in the rightmost corner, and 3D deconvolution has been used on the rest of the image.